How we can help you

Affected by cancer? HCCN is here to help. We offer support groups, yoga and exercise, community nursing and the opportunity to talk to someone who understands.

Our thoughts are with the royal family following the news of The Kings Cancer diagnosis.

We would also like to thank The King for helping to normalise Cancer, and really help to open up this important conversation.

If you are 18+ living with, recovering from or looking after someone with a cancer diagnosis, and living in the Huntingdonshire area, please know that we are here to support you.

There is a plethora of free support available and a community of people just like you, who are here to listen, chat with and get to know you, for you. Here you are a person first, and if you choose to talk about the cancer diagnosis that is up to you.

What We Offer

A programme of FREE activities that support anyone over 18, living in Huntingdonshire, recovering from or living with a cancer diagnosis or is a caregiver

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