HCCN Buddy Scheme

Mar 21, 2024 | Latest News

With the grant we recently received from the Health Inequalities Challenge Prize, we are providing 2 new services this year.

  • The Befriending Service – where the people we already serve, volunteer to contact designated individuals, who would like to have someone who understands their situation, get in touch for a wholly confidential “chat” once a week, to listen to them, share interests/experiences, laugh.
  • On-line Group sessions – 2 hour Zoom sessions, every 2 weeks, for those who are unable to join face to face group sessions, for whatever reason. Open to anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis and lead by a professional facilitator/therapist.

As we plan to launch pilots from July 2024 we are now at the stage of :

  • Looking for volunteers to deliver the Befriending Service [minimum 1 hour per week]
  • Recruiting a contractor, for 10 hours per week, to manage both these services, which together comprise the HCCN Buddy Scheme.

If you are at all interested, in either role, please contact angela@hccnthecharity.org

We have further information we can send you, and would be delighted to have a telephone conversation too – to help you make an informed decision about the opportunity to join our newest team, and help support individuals going through their journey, possibly feeling alone/isolated.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Angela Howells


What could be in it for you?
  • This is a great opportunity for you to make a valuable contribution to supporting people living with cancer.
  • You will make new friends and have fun too.
  • You will help people struggling through difficult times.
  • You will experience the satisfaction of knowing that your support has encouraged others to stay as emotionally healthy as they can.
  • You’ll have some interesting conversations.
  • You’ll gain a sense of community.
  • You will deepen your own interpersonal skill sets.