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Ellington Group

Women’s Cancer Group
(Hollywood or Bust)

Men’s Cancer Group

Ellington Group

with Chris Moulds & Sue Shaw

We offer a drop-in space where people can come together to talk freely and gain mutual support. There is always a warm welcome and lots of laughter.

Tuesdays 10am to 1pm

Women’s Cancer Group (Hollywood or Bust)

with Andi Lines & Penny Peck

Hollywood or Bust is a support group for the ladies. We get together for chatting, sharing experiences and having a cuppa together. Support, laughs, keeping in touch, fundraising and much more.

st Wednesday of the month from 7pm – 9pm

Men’s Cancer Group

with Andi Lines

A drop-in group of guys gassing together. Support, chats, keeping in touch, jokes and thoughts etc. Also included is a WhatsApp group that is active daily. We are an extremely friendly and welcoming group. We play darts, table tennis, cards, boules etc. You can come chat, drink tea and eat biscuits.

Wednesdays from 11am – 1pm

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