HCCN Membership

Thank you very much for your interest in becoming a Member of HCCN.

HCCN the Charity operates as a fully constituted membership charity registered with the Charities commission, number 1163051. HCCN the charity works alongside the community nursing team to help the people of Huntingdonshire who are recovering from or living with a cancer diagnosis to take control of their lives and play an active part in managing their health. We would love you to join us!

As a charity, our purpose is to preserve and protect the health of patients by providing, and assisting in the provision of, facilities, support services and equipment not normally provided by the statutory authorities.

We are pleased to welcome new Members, as they play a key role in our organisation and determine who sits on our board of trustees, with voting rights, usually at the AGM. In this way we can maintain a democratic and progressive outlook which has sustained the services we offer.

Our membership policy is to be open to as many new Members as possible, provided they are over 18. Our Members contribute to the charity through their voluntary efforts, expertise, knowledge, influence and other contributions, often financial. If you have been a recipient of HCCN nursing care, or taken part in any of our activities, we particularly urge you to join us as a Member so that we can take account of your views

Member benefits include a regular newsletter to keep in contact and opportunities to get involved, as well as conference participation. There is no membership fee.

Please complete this form to submit your details and become an HCCN Member.