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Exercise classes for prehabilitation and rehabilitation classes. Face to face and on Zoom.

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HCCN Activities - get active

Exercise has been shown to have many benefits for cancer patients, including improving physical functioning, reducing fatigue, and boosting mood. These benefits can help patients cope with the physical and emotional challenges of cancer treatment, as well as improve their quality of life.

One of the most significant benefits of exercise is its ability to improve physical functioning. Cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, can cause muscle weakness and loss of muscle mass. Exercise can help combat these effects by improving muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Regular exercise can also help reduce fatigue, one of the most common side effects of cancer treatment. Cancer-related fatigue is different from everyday tiredness and can be debilitating, affecting a patient’s ability to perform daily activities. However, studies have shown that exercise can reduce cancer-related fatigue and improve overall energy levels.

Exercise can also have a positive impact on a patient’s mental health. Cancer can be emotionally challenging, and patients may experience anxiety, depression, or stress. Exercise has been shown to boost mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Additionally, exercise can help patients feel more in control of their health and improve their self-esteem.

Finally, exercise can have a positive impact on overall health outcomes for cancer patients. Studies have shown that exercise can reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and improve survival rates. Exercise can also reduce the risk of developing other chronic diseases, such as heart disease, which can be a concern for cancer survivors.

Get Active Prehab & Rehab Exercise

at One Leisure Huntingdon

We have classes for prehabilitation to help you to prepare for treatment from the point of diagnosis. We do this through promoting healthy behaviours such as exercise. The aim of our prehabilitation programme is to empower you to maximise physical and emotional resilience to treatment and improve long-term health.

Prehabilitation is part of a continuum to rehabilitation. After treatment it is important to get fit, healthy and feel good. Through our classes our aim is to help you to return from being a patient to being a person. Ensuring you stay well and resilient in your survivorship journey.

The benefits of exercise for people with cancer are well known and is proven to reduce the risk of recurrence of cancer and promote longevity. It also lifts your mood!


Tuesdays from
9.30am to 10.30am

Thursdays from
12.30pm to 13.30pm


with Linda Garrett

A chair-based yoga session with some standing poses using support if needed.  All classes are geared towards the individuals needs and are taken in a fun and relaxed atmosphere as think laughter and friendship are as important to our wellbeing as exercise. We start and finish the sessions with breathing exercises designed to calm the mind and relaxation techniques.


Tuesdays from
10.00am to 11.00am (Bury)

Yoga on Zoom

with Cherie Luckman

Hatha Yoga to work through general range of movements to keep the body flexible and strong, working through joint release. Pawanmukta exercises to benefit those experiencing Neuropathy, to enable participants to unite the whole body emotionally and physically, breathwork practices to help still the fluctuations of the mind, and enable mental fortitude.


Friday from
10.30am to 11.00am


with Jude Durridge

Yoga can improve strength, flexibility, and concentration, while boosting mood, and reducing stress and joint strain.

In all classes we will practice breathwork, yoga poses to stretch and strengthen the body, and relaxation techniques to calm the mind, but in the chair-based class we will modify the poses so they can be practiced while seated in a chair. These modifications make yoga accessible to people who don’t want to stand for long periods of time, are recovering from illness, surgery or injury, lack mobility, are overweight, or anyone who would just rather practice yoga sitting down!

If you are attending the mat-based class and have a mat please bring it along, all other props will be provided.


Fridays from
10.00am to 10.55am
(Mat based)

Fridays from
11.05am to 12.00pm

Wednesdays from
11.45am (Chair based)
(St Neots) (Starts 6th Dec 2023)

Tai Chi

with Thelma Segal

Tai Chi Qigong is an ancient Chinese holistic practice of slow, low impact movements that incorporate posture, breathing and focus to cultivate a smooth energy flow through the body.

It calms the mind, improves wellbeing and fitness. It is often described as a gentle moving meditation. As it is low impact it is suitable for all ages and abilities. It can also be effective if done in a seated position just gently moving the arms.


Fridays from
13.00pm to 14.00pm

Yoga Nidra

 It promotes deep relaxation, and the best bit…no movement is involved!

Yoga Nidra has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep patterns, boost immune function, and promote emotional healing, all of which can be especially beneficial for those undergoing cancer treatment. 

A 45 minute session can have the same mental and physical benefits as a three hour nap. 


Coming Soon (Huntingdon)


with Mel Betterbee

Pilates builds functional, everyday movement allowing you to discover the strength and mobility of your body.

Positions can be adapted for individual needs (standing or seated) and breath work will be a key part of every class to facilitate a sense of well-being and release tension.

There are so many physical and mental benefits with Pilates but most importantly, classes will be fun and social.


Fridays from 10.00am (Mat) and 11.05am (Chair based) (Huntingdon)

When: Wednesdays from 11.45am (Chair based) (St Neots) (Starts 6th Dec 2023) 

Balance and Strength

with Lou Weir

The class will be concentrating on strength training and balance, to maintain and build, muscle and coordination, which can be affected by various medical conditions and treatments, including frailty. We will work either standing or seated (depending on individual capabilities), use resistance bands, balls and body weight to develop, or regain muscle strength, to help you to perform your daily activities.

No need to book, just turn up. Please note that as this is a funded programme participants will need to be willing to complete a short evaluation at the beginning and end of the programme. For more information, please get in touch by emailing info@hccnthecharity.org.


Fridays from 1st March
14.00pm to 15.00pm

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