About HCCN the Charity

HCCN exists to transform the quality of life of those living with a cancer diagnosis, in the Huntingdonshire area by providing no cost, regular, evidence – based activities that promote healthy eating, physical exercise and mental well-being – a triad of highly recommended self-care strategies.

Working alongside the HCCN nursing service, we aim to help people just like you who have received a cancer diagnosis, are going through treatment, are recovering from or are living with cancer. Our ambition is to fill the gap that the NHS would want to provide for but hasn’t the resources or funding.

  • We try to ensure that what we deliver can be experienced by everyone who needs it and therefore make our offerings free of charge.
  • Anyone over the age of 18, living in the Hunts region, affected directly or indirectly by cancer, can access our services.
  • We include both GP referrals and self-directed care.
  • We also include families and carers.

We will achieve this by:

Recruiting and developing the best team of caring, committed and skilled volunteers and contractors. Supporting them and providing them with the resources to do their best.

Focusing on fundraising – building and maintaining relationships; producing compelling proposals; reporting on plans and progress.

Collaborating with reputable partners for our mutual benefit and that of our clients.

Continuing to provide a caring, safe, supportive and respectful environment for our clients whilst ensuring HCCN has secure tenure of premises from which to operate.

Our Values & Beliefs – we commit to:

  1. Listening first – to fully understand the wants and needs of our clients and volunteers
  2. Maintaining confidentiality, at all times
  3. Remaining alert to the latest tried and tested ways to help people diagnosed with cancer
  4. Collaborating with reputable partner organisations – to achieve win, win, win solutions
  5. Ensuring we demonstrate legal and financial compliance – good governance
  6. Focus our passion on doing the things that will improve the quality of life of our clients

Our goals – strategic objectives for 2023/4

1. To continue to develop and build on HCCN ‘s services and activities.


  1. Number of new activities
  2. Number of reviewed/revised activities
  3. Attendance numbers and analysis of feedback
  4. Evaluation reports

2. To make our activities, programmes, conferences, and other events more accessible to younger people and those who may not be able to access such services elsewhere.


  1. Record and review what has been implemented to make people aware of HCCN services and events
  2. Increase in the number of participants getting involved in activities/events
  3. Survey participants – annually

3. To sustain HCCN by establishing a specialist fundraiser post, managing our network of potential partners and donors pro-actively and building further on our current good reputation as a cancer care charity.


  1. A “Fundraiser” in position and achieving good results.
  2. A Communications Plan being implemented with partners and donors
  3. Recording of accolades, awards received and positive public feedback