Trustee Sallie Announces Retirement

Feb 1, 2024 | Latest News

Farewell as I pass the torch (but keep the matches!)

Time for a heartfelt, but not too mushy, announcement!

You may have already heard that I’m taking a step back from my role as your trusty Service Delivery Manager. Fear not, I’m not disappearing completely! I’ll still be around, causing the occasional stir as a Trustee, but the day-to-day baton is being passed to the amazing Sarah James.

Before I do a mic drop (metaphorically, of course!), I want to express my monumental gratitude.

Working alongside passionate people has been an absolute privilege, and I have loved and learnt through every minute of it. In the early days I had no clue, but the whole HCCN family have helped me find my feet. Now looking back from the Covid lockdown, and seeing how far we have come, and the benefits that the charity provides is so heart-warming, and it makes me very proud.

Now, let’s meet the future! Sarah James is officially your new captain, ready to navigate the Service Delivery ship towards even greater shores. She brings a wealth of experience, creativity and, more importantly, an infectious sense of energy and yet is sensitive to our people’s needs through her own experience.

Remember, this isn’t a goodbye, it’s a see you later! I’ll be popping in as a Trustee, so keep an eye out for me. In the meantime, shower Sarah with love and support, so she can keep up the incredible work and make a phenomenal difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.

With immense warmth,
Sallie Crawley